Solution For Africa

Primary Benefits of Refurbished Medical Equipment

  1. It costs less than new equipment even though it has the same functionality and delivers the same service as new equipment.
  2. Saves the environment through reuse.
  3. Enables the deployment of more equipment at less expense.

It also fits into the African healthcare-service delivery model due to –

  1. Cost savings
  2. The ease of acquisition
  3. Lower operating cost, and
  4. Availability of local maintenance (especially in Ghana)

Equipment Maintenance, Power Supply Support & Warranty Program

  • Cassona provides maintenance warranty for all its equipment from our team of professional engineers.
  • Our goal is 48 hours turn-around time for routine repairs or maintenance and 5 business days for more complex repairs. In any case where this is not possible, Cassona would provide a “loaner” equipment or alternative source of services for a service-provider’s patients.
  • In addition, each equipment we supply is accompanied by UPS and power generators.