Cassona Global Imaging’s Mission to Bridge the Equipment Gap in Ghana

Cassona Global Imaging Ltd is a frontrunner in the field of medical imaging, committed to addressing the gaps in healthcare infrastructure that persist in Ghana and beyond. The company’s unwavering mission revolves around enhancing s the accessibility and affordability of high-quality medical equipment, which is often the backbone of medical institutions. With a clear vision to become a catalyst for positive change in healthcare, Cassona is determined to empower healthcare providers in Ghana to deliver exceptional services and bridge the gap in medical equipment supply.

In the realm of healthcare, access to reliable and advanced medical equipment plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating patients effectively. Unfortunately, many countries, including Ghana, grapple with a scarcity of adequate medical equipment, hindering the provision of quality healthcare services to their populations. This is where Cassona Global Imaging Ltd steps in with a passionate mission to transform Ghana’s health sector and provide solutions to the glaring equipment deficiency. Ghana’s healthcare sector, like many others in developing nations, faces a critical challenge – the scarcity or inadequacy of advanced medical equipment.

The availability of reliable diagnostic tools, imaging machines, and therapeutic equipment is limited, posing significant obstacles to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. This shortfall impacts patient outcomes and hinders medical professionals in delivering optimal care. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Cassona Global Imaging has harnessed its passion for innovation and social responsibility to develop a comprehensive solution.

Cassona Global Imaging understands that creating lasting change requires collaboration. The company actively seeks partnerships with local healthcare organizations, governmental bodies, and international agencies to collectively address the equipment deficiency issue. By forging these strategic alliances,

Cassona aims to amplify its impact and extend its reach to communities in need. During a demonstration at Tamale, DR. Hassan took laboratory technicians through how to use the ultra-modern scanners. Technicians in some health centers in Tamale were trained on how to operate and maintain the machine. Speaking to reporters, Gladys Tetteh said, “Cassona is into a distribution relationship with Mindray from China, they are a major manufacturing of imaging equipment in China, they are a leading brand and we have partnered with them.” She said they came all the way to Tamale to let the people in this part of the country to know what their ultra-modern equipment can do.

She said in order to help the people understand the machines well, they came with a clinical technician to help explain how every component of the machine work. Madam Gladys Tetteh noted that “whatever you are doing you should do it very well, so if you are using an equipment or imaging diagnostic equipment it should be able to do everything for you: she believes this well help in health delivery fast” Explaining the importance of the machines, DR. Hassan said the machines are becoming popular in hospitals now and it is mandatory to have at least one of them in a health facility.

According to him, “it can save patients and is cost effective and the test can be done over and over again. He added that, the machines have advance features which can help young doctors for self-growth.”