Cassona Global Imaging Ltd. Partners Totalite to install CT scanner in Koforidua.

As part of the plan to increase accessibility to medical imaging services, Cassona Global Imaging Limited Company (CGILC), a subsidiary of Cassona International USA, partners Totalite Healthcare to install a 32-slice GE computed tomography (CT) scanner at the eastern regional capital, Koforidua. The project is expected to be commissioned in two months.

The deal which comes with 0% deposit ensures no initial fiscal commitment from the client. The Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) purchasing module takes away liabilities of maintenance and other operational cost which otherwise will be borne by the client. Though the client bears no initial cost, a percentage of the proceed is paid to the facility for the entire duration of the agreement.

All that one requires is a space for installation and evidence of business viability as documented in a business plan.

It is the dream of CGILC to partner health facilities across the country and beyond in getting the needed medical imaging equipment to improve healthcare and ultimately, the life expectancy of the citizenry.

Reach out to CGILC to assess your chances of owning a highly equipped medical imaging facility.