Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana (“PHFAoG”) and Cassona Global Imaging (“Cassona”) are in the progress of forming a “Strategic Partnership”

About PHFAoG

The Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana is an association of owners and practitioners of private healthcare facilities in Ghana. The organization has a broader membership inclusion than healthcare practitioners and physicians. The Association’s leadership team comprises a mix

of practicing medical doctors and non-clinicians who own private facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, private health centers, private CHPS Compounds, laboratories, and pharmacies. 

The PHFAoG has over six hundred private healthcare facilities members, and the membership continues to grow. In addition, PHFAoG has consistently remained a constant “strategic partner” in implementing the Government’s agenda for providing quality healthcare to the people of Ghana. The Association has ensured efficient and universal healthcare access for all Ghanian, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, and geographical location. Over the years, the PHFAoG membership has exhibited an exceptional commitment to nurturing the growth of the private healthcare sector through advocacy for interventions and support.

PHFAoG and Cassona are in the progress of forming a “Strategic Partnership” 

By the invitation of PHFAoG, Cassona Global Imaging is proud to become the major sponsor/partner of the PHFAoG AGM in 2022. Both organizations believe that working together will benefit Ghanaian society and communities by improving the existing diagnostic medical imaging services in Ghana. Most importantly, the leadership team of PHFAoG shared with Cassona’s vision to provide affordable and accessible diagnostic imaging equipment to private healthcare facilities in Ghana. 

The leadership team of PHFAoG firmly believes Cassona’s buyer-friendly credit facilities, combined with its nationwide local maintenance/engineering department, Cassona will revolutionize the diagnostic medical imaging equipment market in Ghana and beyond. PHFAoG is poised to work with Cassona to improve Ghana’s existing diagnostic medical imaging services.

The Association believes the affordable and easy-assess diagnostic imaging services will not only serve the Ghanaian people’s urgent needs for medical imaging services but also attract mass medical tourism from the neighboring countries from other sub-Saharan countries to Ghana and create substantial business opportunities for all its members as private healthcare facilities. 

December 04, 2022 

Accra, Ghana